Authors: Αρύβας, Δίων
Title: 1. Omnes gentes 2. Misere mihi Domine! 3. Veni de libano
Description: Υπογραφή D. Garufalis
Orchestration: v, pf
First Words: 1. omnes gentes plaudite manibus jubilate Deo in voce exsultationis! 2. misere mihi domine quoniam at te clamavitota die! 3. veni de libano spousa mea, veni de libano, veni, veni de Libano!
Song Cycle: Introitus
Box: 3
Folder: 53
Type: Παρτιτούρα
Pages: 20 Φύλλα
Place of Composition: Holzkirechen
Issue Date: 1958-07-10
Keywords: Τραγούδια με πιάνο
Appears in Collections:Αρύβας, Δίων: 1. Παρτιτούρες

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